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For small businesses and even individuals, trying to do your taxes on your own will often end up wasting money instead of saving it. An inexperienced tax preparer can easily miss valuable deductions and make other costly mistakes that result in paying higher taxes and even penalties. Don’t take risks with your tax returns; come to DiCocco & Associates, Inc for trusted tax preparation services. We have a reputation for quality tax preparation at affordable rates for small businesses and individual taxpayers.

Our firm offers smart tax management for a wide variety of small businesses including sole proprietorships, S Corps, C Corps, and LLCs. We’ll do more than help your business meet compliance requirements; we’ll work hard to find real tax savings you can bring to the bank. As your tax preparer, we’ll make sure you get every tax deduction and credit you deserve so your business retains higher revenues and maximizes profitability. Unlike online tax software, a real person who cares about controlling your tax burden will review your tax documents and make sure you only pay what you legally owe.

Don’t sweat tax season! When we prepare your tax return you can be confident that and your taxes will be prepared accurately and filed on time, every time. Call us now at 518-393-1395 to get started!

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As a small business owner, strong accounting support from a financial professional is essential. But, to run your business well you need more than just numbers from your accounting firm. If you’re trying to find ways to grow, you want meaningful financial information that shows where your money is going so you can plan for the future. DiCocco & Associates, Inc offers the accounting and bookkeeping services that will shed light on your business finances. Our goal is to help you to manage your money better so you can conquer financial obstacles and keep your business moving forward.

We offer sophisticated accounting solutions that will give your business an edge. You’ll get the tools you need to identify financial trends, monitor cash flow, and control costs so your business stays lean and profitable. You’ll also have more time to market your business and bring in new customers because you won’t be stuck doing the bookkeeping. And, with our proactive tax planning services, your business will always be in compliance but will never pay more than current regulations require.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Our firm provides accounting services and bookkeeping for all types of small businesses. Call us at 518-393-1395 to hear more!

  • Accounting for small businesses
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cash flow management
  • Tax Planning and Preparation
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As your accounting firm, DiCocco & Associates, Inc always has your best interests at heart when it comes to tax planning. We make it our priority to be well-versed in the newest tax legislation so we can ensure that you never pay one dollar more than you are legally obligated to pay. Our hard-hitting tax strategies are reliable, legal, and effective for new businesses, small businesses, and individual taxpayers.

In our constantly evolving tax environment, tax planning must be proactive not reactive. That’s why we work with you throughout the year to develop and refine your tax plan. For new businesses, we identify which business structure will bring the most tax savings and allow you to become profitable quicker. For established businesses, we analyze your finances to find ways to control tax exposure. We’ll identify which deductions are available for your particular industry, how to take advantage of certain tax credits, and how to limit your tax burden as your business grows. And for individuals, we recommend a variety of techniques to maximize after-tax income and put more cash in your wallet.

We are a highly rated Tax Accountant in Schenectady, NY.

Stop worrying about tax deadlines and reduce your taxable income. Contact us now at 518-393-1395 to learn more about our tax planning services.

  • Minimizing taxes for small businesses
  • Income tax planning for individuals
  • Multi-state tax compliance for individuals
  • Succession planning
  • Estate tax planning